I am passionate about birth as a natural, emotional, spiritual, rite-of-passage process that deserves respect.   I think that when the feminists of the 20th century fought for the right of women to pursue their happiness through careers, they forgot about the right of women to pursue their happiness through family, and about women’s birthright of a particular feminine power that can only be discovered through motherhood.  If each woman who chooses to be a mother is to discover her own power, then birth must be treated first as a normal part of life, as the rite of passage that brings a woman into motherhood.  No matter where a woman chooses to birth, and no matter what complications may arise, medicine’s place in birth is as the quiet guard who watches for situations that are not normal, and intervenes only when necessary and only as much as is necessary.  Even care providers performing a necessary cesarean can respect the emotional, spiritual, and physical needs of mother and baby.  (If they are performing an unnecessary cesarean, then they have already committed an extreme violation of the birth process.)

My love for individual liberty, moral free agency, and rational thought also has an immeasurable influence on my world view.

Why is this blog about these two concepts?  Well:

  • These ideas often make excellent metaphors for each other.
  • If you think birth and free agency aren’t related, then you haven’t witnessed a “care provider” ignoring, belittling, or circumventing a pregnant or laboring woman’s medical autonomy.
  • I’m passionate about both things, and if I had two separate blogs, I’d be cross-posting all the time anyway.

Oh, and don’t be surprised if I find other tangents to wander upon as well.  😉


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